Family Counseling

Family Counseling

Divorce is messy, emotional, and scary. It is common for couples going through divorce to bad mouth, allege abuse or neglect, or blame the other parent for the end of the relationship.

What would it be like to part ways without the mud-slinging and name calling? How will your children benefit from a mess-free divorce?

Collaborative divorce, as it’s referred to in the legal world, is the term for the separation of two persons without the need for court appearances and ongoing custody battles.

I am not an attorney. My work with collaborative divorce addresses the underlying pain and anger that may be preventing a couple from splitting amicably. This work can be done as a couple or individually with the end goal being improved communication and co-parenting. If you do not have children, other results could include improved decision making on division of assets and reduced conflict between the two parties.

Family therapy is also a place to come together as a couple with your children to explore how divorce is impacting your family. This can include discussions about schedules, co-parenting and parallel parenting practices, and communication skills to minimize conflict and arguing.

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